Thursday, September 29, 2011

Got Your Back

I've got a crazy obsession for backless clothing. I do mean crazeeey. Seeing bare back fogs up my mind, or rather, senses. Let's say for example, you see a girl wearing a completely uninteresting top in the ugliest colour ever, then she turns around and her back is... BARE. Ok honestly an ugly top is ugly no matter what. But upon seeing the exposed back, I will stop to reanalyze and in seconds dismiss my harsh first judgment and instantly develop a new found love. Okay, slightly exaggerated but to an undetermined degree, true. I may try to recollect my senses and rethink later on but that is rarely prompted unless I was with a friend who questioned my judgment. Could this be a fetish? Well, whatever the case, you can be sure my eyes will follow your back. Okay, starting to sound like a creepy old man, better stop.

An exposed back can really give an edge to a seemingly conservative outfit without looking skanky. It also adds the good ol' element of surprise :)

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