Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There's something about Shoes and Metal

Beau Coops Garbo, Friend of Mine Hutton, Sam Edelman Pax Studded, Friend of Mine Pablo, Friend of Mine Claw

I have been lusting over these pairs of shoes/boots ever since they were released. The sight of metal parts incorporated into anything other than jewellery is interesting to see. Metal is such a refined matter. Even if it was smashed, crumbled or melted to the point of liquidity, it can still hold a certain level of refinement, if manipulated correctly. And that explains why I love working with metals for my jewellery. The thought of owning one of these metal(lic) pairs has been on my mind.

J Shoes Ranch Canter Slip On

However, my recent purchase is one without the hard smooth finish that I so desire. So why did I not go for the first few that are listed? In fact, I am terribly in love with the range of Friend of Mines. Answer is simply because affordability and versatility are two huge affecting factors in my decision making. I am always more willing to pay for something that goes with everything. And as for this pair, I can see myself wearing it with every outfit under the sun. Also, the low heel means I won't have to sacrifice comfort for style. Perfect. I do realize the Hutton boots is on par in terms of versatility and practicality. Then again, paying more than $200 on footwear is a luxury I can hardly afford. No matter how beneficial it will be to my wardrobe. Maybe in the future, where I begin to reap the fruits of labour in my work field.

That is, if the fruits are abundant enough.

The boots also resemble the highly coveted Isabel Marant Dicker which is more than anything I could afford. So I'd like to think it was a good buy.


Indecisive me decided to let this one go and save up for something (better?) lol

The Hutton boot in tan is even more wonderful...


I got these girls from Why Who instead. Very similar to Swedish Hasbeens but chunkier and definitely more economical.

Swedish Hasbeens

Started off seeking a refined pair but somehow ended up getting the complete opposite. Always happens.

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