Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bringing colour back

Mink Pink knit, Don't Ask Amanda blouse, mustard pants, Sportsgirl shoes, Leopard fur bag

I felt like going colourful today but didn't want to look like a 180 degrees turn as I have been wearing pretty much black for the past few days. I wore a basic white knit over the green & mustard as an attempt to tone down the brightness which was also an excuse to hide the puff shoulders on my green blouse. At the time when I made my purchase, I was too taken by the colour that the puff did not matter. I prefer my blouses relaxed, boyfriend style.

That aside, I was reminded that I suck badly in word games. Really should start reading books.


  1. was the word game with me? hahaha
    p/s: eat more!

  2. you and everyone else I competed with.